X Reality Day 


Where Business Meets the Future

5th of May 2017. Helsinki, Finland.


X Reality Day on the 5th of May in Cable Factory, Helsinki, brings together the early adopters of the new technology to present you the possibilities they can open.

Visit apartments before they are built, go to events on different continents from you living room, bring your family together in a minute when they are working abroad. The great question of these technologies today is what can we invent when the possibilities are limitless.

Virtual, augmented and mixed reality are the hot topics of today. Be your business in architecture, industry, education, travel, entertainment or software you will benefit from the chance of presenting your customers and employees with a totally new way of absorbing information. These technologies are advancing on a rapid speed and staying on board is hard, so we have put them all under one roof where you can see and meet the whole platform in one day.

Come to X Reality Day, meet with the developers and content creators of the future and guide your business where it should be.