Roll up your sleeves and boost your knowledge. At Arctic15 you can take part in a variety of workshops that are hosted by experts in their field. Our workshops are a great opportunity to share experiences and connect with likeminded people.                      

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Day 1

The process of raising money for a business venture begins with a great pitch. The « elevator pitch » is an extremely concise presentation of an entrepreneur's idea, business model, company solution, competitiveness and marketing strategy delivered to potential investors. The NFBAN workshop, conducted by Florence Korhonen and Audra Shallal, two seasoned entrepreneurs/Angel Investors and experts in Pitch Coaching for early stage financing, will highlight some of the key steps involved in presenting an effective pitch. They will also provide attendees with inspiration, effective tools, and increased awareness of the challenge of entrepreneurship in today’s highly competitive business environment." Please note: After the workshop you should be Investor-Ready, with a powerfully constructed one minute elevator pitch.

Journalists don’t care about your pitch. They care about their readers, and what stories they need to hear. Join this 60 minute workshop to hone your storytelling skills and get the right people excited about your company. The workshop is brought to you by San Francisco Oy - strategic, creative and data-driven marketing services for startups


Andrej Cukon and Leon Badurina will reveal how Infobip's omnichannel solution helps developers build communication strategies across different engagement channels, from a single communications platform. 


Not many startups make it. You either scale the right way - or you die. During this workshop, Dominik Zyskowski and Aki Inkeroinen from Espeo we will go through all the usual stages on your way to scaling up. Let us discuss the typical drawbacks and demonstrate the solutions focused on software development and based on real-life scenarios of tech startups.

During this engaging workshop, you will learn best practices and critical rules to success from Silicon Valley, Oslo and other Nordic areas. Led by Jennifer Vessels, CEO of Silicon Valley based Next Step with real world case examples and presentations from successful company founders.

Tobias Bräutigam and Sakari Halonen from Bird & Bird will start with an explanation of the top 10 things you need to know about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It is a law that will apply from May 2018 for all companies processing personal data. What makes the GDPR special is detailed rules on data processing paired with high sanctions. In the second part of the session, we will move on to explain how compliance with the GDPR can be implemented to modern product and software development.

Markus Myhrberg from Lexia will give a detailed look into the legal challenges corporates and startups are facing when working together.

A Finnish education company Claned has since 2013 built its product, achieved its user traction and now commercial success already in 10 countries. As its business case is now proven, it is time to scale up. So what are the key learnings so far and how to push forward the next stage of growth with funding and other means. Vesa Perälä, Founder and Chairman of the board will host this workshop.


Day 2

Olli Vallo from Kokoa will answer the question  “How to ensure the app's educational value and communicate that to the buyers?” by providing concrete approaches for apps and games’ educational design and refining the marketing message.


In this workshop Juho Aminoff and Carsten Just from European Investment Fund will present an overview and answer questions regarding EIF’s new business angel co-investment program to be launched in Finland. 

North America creates a viable market area to expand to but before making a decision on taking your startup to the US, various different factors should be considered. In this workshop Max Kirk Ludvick and Stephan Reckie from Angelus Funding are going to cover aspects related to legal, immigration, taxation, insurance, banking, workplace, government support, hiring, funding, and sales issues in North America. After receiving a comprehensive overview of “Coming to America”, you should be better equipped to make exciting decisions about conquering new market areas. Make sure to sign up for this workshop.

Is your EdTech startup ready for the Big Time? Think again. Competition, disruption—and even basic survival—depends on your business model. EdTech startups that fail to understand this will not survive. In this workshop, Fabian Sepulveda from Courage Ventures will scrutinize your business model's value creation within the EdTech world and explore opportunities with exponential impact.

Let me guess; you are well prepared for networking events, pitching opportunities and all kind of business meetings. But the outcome of those occasions is not always what you hope for? In this workshop Jochen Faugel from ArcticStartup will discuss one of the most important keys to successful communication that many of us don't pay attention to - BODY LANGUAGE.


Internationalisation is a topic that most of the Finnish Startups approach at some point of their life cycle. During this workshop presented by Conor O’Dwyer from Barrabés, you will learn the tools needed to enter the Spanish market and how to leverage it to gain access to LATAM.

Want to know how to build your success on Open Ecosystem? Ari Lampela from Google with show you how by explaining Data Analytics and Machine Learning on Google Scale.


 In FIBAN's workshop, hosted byEsben Gadsbøll, Torsti Tenhunen and Rein Lemberpuu, you will get to know more about Cross-Border Angle Investing based on a case example.


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