Program for 2018 coming up! Next years first speaker is Gary Vaynerchuk. Do not miss a chance to meet him.


Program 2017

In 2017, we had a set of themed tracks. They were either focused on different industries or business functions with a goal to get real value out of the talks.  



// May 3

OP Stage

Opening (9.15 - 9.25)

9:15 Dmitri Sarle (CEO & his Team of ArcticStartup)
Miia Paavola (OP)
& Special Guest

Founders Track (9.25 – 11.15)
#entrepreneurship #story #founder

9.25 Keynote: Disrupting monetization - Till Faida (Founder of Adblock Plus (Eyeo))
9.45 Fireside Chat: Billy Draper (Investor at Draper Associates) Host: Dmitri Sarle (CEO of ArcticStartup)
10.05 Keynote: Max Niederhofer (General Partner at Sunstone Capital)
10.25 Keynote: Lennu Keinänen (Founder of Paytrail)
10.55 Keynote: Carl Waldekranz (Co-Founder & CEO of Tictail)

Lunch Is Served (11.00 - 15.00)
#energylevelup #uglycookie #finland100

Head to the Food Street and get your energy levels up!

Funding Track (11.20 - 12.55)
#investments #VC #LP

11.20 Keynote: When an entrepreneur speaks, what does an investor really hear? - Stephan Reckie (Co-founder & CEO of Angelus Funding)
11.40 Funding Panel - Host: Sean Seton-Rogers (Partner at PROfounders Capital) Panelists: Marvin Liao (Partner at 500 Startups) & Katja Bergman (Co-founder & Partner at Moor Capital)
12.10 Finnish numbers on Angel/VC investments - Pia Santavirta (Managing Director at the Finnish Venture Capital Association (FVCA))
12.15 Latest numbers on VC capital funds return - Juha Lehtola (Investment Manager at the European Investment Fund (EIF))
12.25 Panel: LP&GP Collaboration - Host: Joe Schorge (Founder and Manager Partner of Isomer Capital) Panelists: Tracy Dorée (Founding Partner at Kindred Capital) & Sami Lampinen (Co-Founder & Managing Partner of Inventure)

Team & Growth Track 13.00 - 14.30
#workforce #teamperformance #startup

13.00 Panel: Maintaining company culture as you expand internationally - Host: Paul Bourne Panelists: Pep Gomez (three times tech entrepreneur and investor) & Juho Kunttu (Business Development, Partner at Vainu)
13.30 Fireside Chat: Marta Sjögren (Investor at Northzone Ventures) & Niklas Jungegård (CEO & Co-founder of Sqore)
13.50 Fireside Chat: Juha Christensen (Founder and Chairman of Cogniance) Host: Laura K. Inamedinova (Director of Marketing of Xylo)
14.10 Keynote: Are you the right CEO for your company? - Paul Gillespie (Partner at Gillamor Stephens)

Startup Corporate Collaboration Track by Futurice &startups (14.30 - 15.10)
#corporates #automation #IoT #processes

14.30 Track Launch by Futurice &startups
14.35 Keynote: Innovating in an eco-system, the Nokia Digital Automation Cloud Stephan Litjens (General Manager of Nokia Digital Automation)
14.50 Panel: Startup Corporate Collaboration Host: Antti Rantanen Panelists: Stephan Litjens (General Manager of Nokia Digital Automation), Carolina Alex (Program and Community Manager of BMW Startup Garage) & Tommi Holmgren, (Principal at Futurice &startups

Data & Artificial Intelligence Track by Google(15.15 - 17.00)
#bigdata #deeplearning #AI

15.15 Track Launch by Google
15.20 Keynote: Suranga Chandratillake (General Partner at Balderton Capital)
15.40 Keynote: Big Data Strategy for Global Growth - an e-Commerce Success Story from AliExpress - Guo Dongbai (Alibaba, AliExpress)
16.00 Reverse Pitching: Learning data and analytics - Markku Pelkonen (Business Manager, Digital at Otava)
16.15 Keynote: Jeff Keni Pulver (Internet Pioneer, VoIP, Entrepreneur, Investor, Strategist)
16.35 Keynote: Ari Lampela & Daniel Bergqvist (Google)
16.55 Keynote: Real-time Data processing and Analysis on the Cloud - Jerry Jalava (Qvik)
Arctic Stage Program

Fintech Track by Accenture (10.15 - 12.10)
#tech #analytics #fintech

10.15 Track Launch by Accenture Satu Pulkkinen (Accenture Financial Services)
10.20 Fintech Panel - Host: Jeanette Carlsson (Founder and Chair, Tech Nordic Advocates and CEO, newmedia2.0) Panelists: Sofia Ericsson Holm (Investment Manager Technology at Industrifonden), Antti Pennanen (CEO & Founder at MONI), Kristian Luoma (Head of OP Lab, OP)
10.50 Keynote: Felix Huber (Head of Northern Europe at Stripe)
11.10 Fireside Chat: Reshma Sohoni (Co-founder & Partner at Seedcamp) & Johan Lorenzen (Fintech & Neobanking)
11.30 Keynote: Fintech Opportunity - 2018 and beyond - Yobie Benjamin (CTO of
11.50 Keynote: FinTech: Who’s Got the Money? Will startups and blockchain grab some?- Ruslan Sarkisyan (Investor at Runa Capital)

Lunch Is Served (11.00 - 15.00)
#energylevelup #uglycookie #finland100

Head to the Food Street and get your energy levels up!

Health Track by Lähitapiola 13.00 - 14.40
#data #digitalhealth

13.00 Track Launch by Lähitapiola, Jarno Mäkinen (New Business Development, Healthcasre and Wellness)
13.05 Keynote: Driving data-designed innovations in Human Performance - Michael Collier (Driver Coach & Physiotherapist at McLaren)
13.25 Keynote: Turning intention into action: Why behavior change is so hard and what how we can succeed in it? - Nelli Lähteenmäki (CEO & Co-Founder of YOU-app)
13.40 Keynote: Digital Health Investments - Aki Koivistoinen (Ambassador of Europe & Israel at StartUp Health)
14.00 Keynote: The Digital Health Space - a view from Silicon Valley - Marvin Liao (Partner at 500 Startups)
14.15 Fireside Chat: Aki Koivistoinen (Ambassador of Europe & Israel at StartUp Health), Min-Sung Sean Kim (Venture Capitalist at Allianz Ventures, Digital Health) Marvin Liao (Partner at 500 Startups)

 Later Stage Venture Track by Tesi (14:45 - 16:15)
#Around #Bround #growthinvestments #VC

14.45 Track Launch by TESI, Heli Ahlroos (Director, Venture Capital Investments)
14.50 Fireside Chat: Miika Mäkitalo (CEO of M-Files) Host: Mikko Suonenlahti (Venture Partner at Draper Esprit)
15.10 Fireside Chat: Teddie Wardi (Partner at Atomico) Host: Robin Wauters (Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief at
15.30 Investor Panel - Host: Mikko Suonenlahti Venture Partner at Draper Esprit) Panelists: Tero Mennander (Venture Partner with Ventech), Fabio Lancellotti (Partner at Aster Capital) & Daniel Blomquist (Operating Partner at Creandum)
16.10 Closing Remarks by moderator Kim Väisänen


LP Summit Program

Workshop Room 3

13.30 INVESTORS ONLY - LP Reverse Pitching to GPs. Followed by GPs pitching - Host: Jan Ameri (ArcticStartup)
14.20 Looking for the Next Superstar in Finnish VC - Tapio Passinen (Investment Director at Finnish Industry Investment Ltd)
14.40 Paradox for Growth Capital: Institutions chasing for yield and Growth Companies lack financing - Petri Kuusisto (Rundit)
15.00 Nordic VC - from cradle to Westworld - the transformation of the Nordic startup scene - Ingibjörn Meyer-Myklestad (Argentum)
15.20 LP Panel: How to Start and Run a Family Office - Werner Braunock (Chief Investment Officer at Narmo Capital), Nora Moosman (Managing Director of Harbor Holdings (HH) Dubai) & Paul Bragiel (Serial Entrepreneur at Bragiel Brothers)

SHIFT + ARCTIC15 Networking Drinks @MARIA01 18.00-23.00 // STARTUP Maria 01 a.k.a "The Hospital", Lapinlahdenkatu 16, 00180 Helsinki

Registration link here.

Facebook event here.



// May 4

OP Stage

The Arctic15 Microsoft Pitching Competition (9.45 - 11.15)
#pitching #Arctic15

9.45 15 Cases Pitching - Valerie Vlasenko (Journalist) and Laura Imademinova (Director of Marketing at Xylo)
  • 1. Clerk AI 2. AlphaBlues
  • 3. Mightifier 4. Tsekk
  • 5. Vessla 6. 3DBear
  • 7. Visionary 8. Videoly
  • 9. Festivality 10. Laakarihinta
  • 11. PenguinUP 12. KeystrokeDNA
  • 13. Softagram 14. TalentAdore
  • 15. ZeroKeyboard
  • Wearables Track by Suunto (11.15 - 12.30)
    #data #analytics #lifestyle

    11.15 Track Launch by Suunto / Amer Sports, Eero Mäkikallio (Genaral Manager, Emerging Business, Amer Sports)
    11.20 Keynote: Wearables - New applications & Lessons - Raph Crouan (Founder & CEO of the Startupbootcamp IoT Program)
    11.40 Showcase: The next big thing in sports monitoring: Motion measurement - Terho Lahtinen (Senior Manager, Future Concepts, Suunto)
    12.00 Panel: Health & Wearables Panel - Host: Christian Lindholm (Head of Innovation & Co-Founder of Vertical, CEO & Co-Founder of Koru) - Panelists: Walter Masalin (Principal at Nokia Growth Partners) & Eero Mäkikallio (Genaral Manager, Emerging Business, Amer Sports)

    EdTech Track by xEdu Accelerator (12.30 - 14.20)

    12.30 Edtech Track Launch - Antti Korhonen (xEdu Accelerator)
    12.35 Keynote: Edward Cooke (Grandmaster of Memory and CEO of Memrise)
    12.55 Keynote: Why to invest in EdTech? Sharing own story as an investor and advisor - Fabian Sepulveda (Partner of Courage Ventures)
    13.15 Keynote: Screening process for Investors - How to spot a game changer? - Olli Vallo (Co-Founder & Head of Education at Kokoa Agency)
    13.35 Mightifier & ELO sharing their love story - Mervi Pänkäläinen (CEO at Mightifier) & Joni Tikkanen (Elo)
    13.55 xEdu’s new program - Antti Korhonen (xEdu Accelerator)

    Exits Track (14.20 - 15.40)

    14.20 Fireside Chat: Teemu Huuhtanen (CEO of Next Games) Host: Tarmo Virki (Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief at CoFounder Magazine)
    14.40 Keynote: Justin Hwa (Head of EMEA M&A at Ebay)
    15.00 Fireside Chat: Wayne Chang (Serial entrepreneur & angel investor) Host: Jan Ameri (ArcticStartup)
    15.20 Keynote: Tony Zappalà (General Partner of Highland Europe)

    The Arctic15 Microsoft Pitching Competition Finals (15.40 - 17.00)

    15.40 Keynote: Nicole Glaros (Techstars)
    16.00 3 Final Cases Pitching
    Host: Claes Mikko Nilsen (Network Manager at Finnish Business Angels Network)
    16.30 Keynote: Dmitri Sarle (CEO of ArcticStartup)
    16.50 Fireside chat with Entocube (Winner 2016)
    17.00 Winner Announcement
    Arctic Stage Program

    Ultrahack (10.15 - 11.00)

    10.15 Mikko Järvilehto Ultrahack

    SME Track by Federation of Finnish Enterprises together with Fennia & Elo (11.00 - 12.30)

    11.00 SME Track Launch: Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Finland -Mikael Pentikäinen (CEO of the Federation of Finnish Enterprises)
    11.10 Keynote: What SMEs Can Offer to Startups - And Vice Versa - Jaakko Männistö (Vice-Chair of Federation of Finnish Enterprises, Founder & CEO of Feedbackly)
    11.20 SME x Startup Case Kalevala Koru x Moodmetric
    11.30 SME x Startup Case Havamax x Pintos
    11.40 SME x Startup - How to Make it Work? - Joonas Mikkilä (Federation of Finnish Enterprises) & Dmitri Sarle (ArcticStartup)
    11.30 Reverse Pitching: From SMEs with Love - Ilkka Lavas (City-media), Lasse Mäkelä (Invesdor);Ville Stenroos (Cityvarasto) & Kimmo Laine, (Pakuovelle)

    Startup Corporate Collaboration Track by Futurice &startups (12.30 - 13.20)

    12.30 Keynote: Hala Zeine, SAP
    12.50 Panel: CVC Panel - Antti Rantanen (Partner at Avanto Ventures) & Stefan Hülsen (Senior Investment Manager with Statkraft Ventures)

    Scaling Track by Telia Company (13.20 - 15.50)

    13.20 Scaling Track Launch - Telia Company
    13.25 Keynote: Shift happens now make it win - Roy Gunter (Partner at Mobility Ventures)
    13.45 Reverse Pitching: Mika Raitola (Telia Company) Host: Janina Salo-Glasemann ( ArcticStartup)
    14.00 Panel: topic tbc - Host:Jan Ameri (Chief Innovation Officier ar ArcticStartup), Panelists: Carman Chan (Founder and Managing Partner at Click Ventures), Samantha Jerusalmy (Partner at Elaia Partners)
    14.25 Keynote: Driving company growth through revenue and profitability - Jennifer Vessels (CEO of Next Step)
    14.45 Panel: Cross Border Angel Investments - Host: Claes Mikko Nilsen (Network Manager at Finnish Business Angels Network) Panelists: Ben Sun (Founding Partner, Angel Joy Investment; Partner, Angel Challenge), Esben Gadsbøll (Boad Member of NordicBAN), Torsti Tenhunen (Founder of Pivot5)
    15.25 Keynote: Entering the Chinese market - Nancy Zhou (Founding Partner of Qu Le Investment Management Limited)

    ARCTIC15 AFTER PARTY 19.00 TEATTERI, Pohjoisesplanadi 2, 00130 Helsinki

    #dance #enjoy#cocktails

    DAY 3

    // May 5

    #virtualreality #augmentedreality #mixedreality #bigdata #AI

      10:00 - 16:00

    DOORS OPEN 9:00  ●  DEMO AREA OPEN 9:00 - 17:00

    ●  DEAL ROOM OPEN FOR MEETINGS 10:00 - 17:00  ●

     X Reality Day

    Opening (10.00)

    10.00 - 10.15 Opening words by Pekka Sivonen (Director of Digitalisation at Tekes), Olli Sinerma (FIVR) & Dmitri Sarle (ArcticStartup)
    10.15 Keynote: VR/AR Market Dynamics & Trends: The Investor Perspective - Marco DeMiroz (General Partner of The Venture Reality Fund)
    10.35 Keynote: AR-VR for Enterprise & Industry - Anahita Eutrope (Associate at Aster Capital)
    10.55 Investor Panel - Host: Harri Manninen (Director, Nordic VR Startups) Panelists: Paul Bragiel (Serial Entrepreneur at Bragiel Brothers), Chien Nakayama (Director of Strategic Business Management at gumi), Marco DeMiroz (General Partner of The Venture Reality Fund) & Petteri Koponen (Partner at Lifeline Ventures)
    11.35 Keynote: VR Year One - Aki Järvinen (Subject Group Leader, VR, AR, Game Trend Analyst & Futurist, Ph.D.)
    11.55 Showcase: Anna Rosa Lappalainen (Founder, COO at #publishing #VRonweb #360 #3D

    Lunch Break (12.10 - 12.45)

    12.45 Panel: VR Content Evolution - Host: Dmitri Sarle (ArcticStartup) Panelists: Sam Wick (Head of Ventures at UTA Ventures), Santtu Parikka (Fake) & Suman Rath (Nordisk Film)
    13.15 Keynote: Real life business opportunity with mixed reality - Antti Kuosmanen (Windows & Devices BG Lead at Microsoft)
    13.35 Keynote: Impact of VR on storytelling and documenting immersive experiences - Kim Grönholm (Head of Application SW R&D, Nokia)
    13.55 Showcase: Serdar Ferit & Paulina Tervo (Lyfta) #storytelling #immersive
    14.10 Showcase: Katri Kantoniemi (Arilyn) #insideARexperience
    14.25 Showcase: Visualising England’s Road Network Traffic on HoloLens - Max Doelle (Kazendi)
    14.40 Keynote: VR in Asia - How to connect Asia with Nordic talent Chien Nakayama (Director of Strategic Business Management at gumi)
    14.55 Fireside Chat: Chien Nakayama (Director of Strategic Business Management at gumi) & Harri Manninen (Director, Nordic VR Startups)
    15.10 Showcase: Maria Loktionova (NoSpoon)
    15.25 Keynote: Challenges in industrial maintenance work and in companywide adoption of augmented reality - Sanni Siltanen (D.Sc. (Tech.), Expert, Innovative Maintenance Methods at Kone Corporation)
    15.45 Fireside Chat: Pekka Sivonen (Director of Digitalisation at Tekes) & Special Guest
    16.05 Closing words by Pekka Sivonen (Director of Digitalisation at Tekes), Olli Sinerma (FIVR) & Dmitri Sarle (ArcticStartup)

    X- REALITY AFTER EVENT GATHERING // TEATTERI, Pohjoisespa 2, 00130 Helsinki