Frequently Asked Questions

1. Event

1.1. What is Arctic15?

A: Arctic15 is the most exciting and effective startup matchmaking event in the Nordics. Our goal of the event is to make sure you get quality networking and receive a real return on investment. The right size, the right people and a focus on networking.

1.2. Who can attend?

A: Startups, investors, large corporations, media, & anyone with a valid ticket is welcome. Last year we had over 1500 attendees, 80+ speakers, 250+ investors, 90+ corporations, and 400+ startups from 63 countries. This year we have 300+ investors, 400+ startups, 150+ large corporations, 20+ Limited Partners, 70+ Media Representatives and more.

1.3. What are the dates for 2017 edition?

A: 3.-5.5.2017. It’s three days this year with a focus on VR, AR & MR on Day 3.

1.4. What time does the event start and finish?

  • Wednesday 3rd May (Day 1): 9-17.
  • Thursday 4th May (Day 2): 9-17.
  • Friday 5th of May (Day 3): 9-17.

Deal Room will be open for meetings all days 10:00-17:20 and Demo area will be open 9.00-17.00.

Check the program for the days here. You’ll find the specific schedule there closer to the event.

1.5. Do you have food and drinks at the event?

A: Yes. Food Street provides lunch by ArcticStartup and coffee is provided through the day. Menu will be announced closer to the event, but expect something delicious. You can grab something fast and easy. No waiting in lines!

1.6. Will the sessions be live streamed?

A: The event will not be live streamed but program will be captured on video.

1.7. Where can I find out about the program?

A: See the program here. The specific schedule will be there closer to the event.

1.8 Where can I find out about the speakers?

A: You can read about our speakers here.

1.9. How can I sign up for the workshops?

See the list of workshops and sign up here.

If you want to host a workshop, contact Susanna (susanna[at], +358401957018) or Micah (micah[at], +358503731442).

1.10. How do I find the event on social media?

A: Use hashtag #Arctic15, and find the updates on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

1.11. How can I become a sponsor of the event?

A: Contact Susanna (susanna[at], +358401957018) or Micah (micah[at], +358503731442), they will build the perfect package for you.

1.12. Where can I pick up my badge?

A: When you enter Cable Factory, there is a Registration Desk at the main entrance where you get your badge by your name and ID.

2. Tickets

2.1. How can I get a ticket?

A: You can buy your ticket here. There is startup, investor and attendee tickets. You can also buy a demo booth package which includes two tickets. In addition, we have 1-day tickets to X Reality Day on Friday 5th. The day will focus only on Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality.

2.2. What is included in the ticket price?

A: You get access to the event on all three days Wednesday - Friday, and the After Parties. Full catering is included in the price.

2.3. Can I transfer my ticket to another person?

A: Yes. You can simply go to your personal ticket link that you have received in an e-mail upon registration and re-assign it there. Take note, that if you have already filled out the whole form and gained access to the matchmaking platform, you also need to inform of the change.

2.4. Can I buy a ticket now and choose the name of the person later?

A: Yes. You can abandon the form creation process after you have created the ticket and then return to it using the ticket link that you received in your e-mail to fill out the details.

2.5. Is there a possibility to refund if I am not able to attend?

A: Unfortunately not, but you can transfer the ticket to someone else.

2.6. Can I pay less if I only attend one day of the conference?

A: Your ticket is valid for all three days of the conference. We have also 1-day tickets to X Reality Day on Friday 5th. The day will focus on Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality.

3. Location & Venue

3.1. What is the address of the conference venue?

A: The event is taking place at Kaapelitehdas / Cable Factory, Tallberginkatu 1, 00180 Helsinki, Finland.

3.2. What is the address of the After Party?

A: The After Party on Thursday 4th will be held in Teatteri, Pohjoisesplanadi 2, 00130 Helsinki. On Friday 5th there will be After Event gathering at Teatteri too.

3.3. How can I get to the venue?

A: You can get there by metro to Ruoholahti Metro Station, tram 8 to Länsisatamankatu or bus 65A, 111T, 21V, 102T the stop Salmisaari. You can also use Uber or city taxi service. You can get a cab by calling 0100-0700 in Helsinki, 0100-7300 in Vantaa (airport).

More info on how to get to the venue here.

3.4. Where is the lost & found?

A: Lost and found service during the event will be available at the Registration and Info Desk at Main Entrance. After the event all lost & found will be stored at our office at Maria01, Lapinlahdenkatu 16. You can contact us at for inquiries about your lost items.

3.5. Can I charge my laptop and mobile?

A: Yes. We will have charging point at the Registration and Info Desk at Main Entrance.

3.6. Is the venue wheelchair accessible?

A: Yes.

3.7. Is there a parking place near the venue?

A: Yes.

4. Deal Room & Matchmaking

4.1. What is the Matchmaking and how can I book a meeting?

A: Matchmaking is the core of Arctic15. Enhance your networking experience at Arctic15 through our Deal Room Experience. The platform enables you to make 20 minute meetings with other attendees. The platform will be opened closer to the event. Read more about Deal Room here.

4.2. Who can I meet?

A: You can meet speakers, investors, corporation representatives and startups.

4.3. How much time do I have for one meeting?

A: One meeting will be approximately 20 minutes.

4.4. Can I upload my one-page pitch deck for investors?

A: You will be able to provide a link to your pitch deck when registering for the event. It will be displayed in the matchmaking tool.

4.5. What if I can not attend the meeting?

A: If you are not able to attend the meeting, you can cancel it in the matchmaking tool.

5. Event Partners and Sponsors

5.1. Can I get a booth?

A: Yes, and we are happy to discuss different ideas how to make it a real magnet at the event. Contact us at

Buy a demo booth package with two tickets here.

5.2. What kind of visibility do I get at the event?

A: At the minimum through roll-ups and on the screens. But we can create logo-visibility almost anywhere - booths, lanyards, stages, walls, and flags. We will find the right kind of presence for your brand.

5.3. What kind of visibility do I get before the event?

A: On the event website, but also the press releases and entire range of marketing material including CoFounder magazine as well as individual articles via is available.

5.4. Can I arrange personal meetings with potential partners?

A: Absolutely - our Deal Room app will allow you to filter for and prearrange meetings with all participants.

5.5. How efficient is it to be at the event?

A: Last year we arranged 3000+ meetings in only two days and partners received cross-European media attention including the EUtechwriters.

5.6. Who is my contact?

A: Contact Susanna (susanna[at], +358401957018) or Micah (micah[at], +358503731442).

6. X Reality Day, Friday 5th of May

6.1. I have a ticket to Arctic15. Can I attend X Reality Day?

A: X Reality Day is part of Arctic15. You can attend that with the same ticket.

6.2. I have a ticket to X Reality Day. Can I attend Arctic15?

A: You will need to have the 3-day ticket for Arctic15 to be able to attend that too.

6.3. What is X Reality Day?

A: X Reality Day is a theme day, the Day 3 of the conference. The day is focused on Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality and the future and business around these.

7. Workshops

7.1. Where can I sign up for workshops?

A: See the list of workshops and sign up here.

7.2 Will there be a projector and a screen?

A: Yes, there will be 1 projector per room + 1 screen in rooms 1 & 3.

7.3 Will there be a sound system and microphones?

A: No, your voice should be okay to cover it.

7.4 Do I need to bring my own laptop?

A: Yes.

7.5 Where at the venue are the workshops held?

A: Downstairs. Find the registration point near info desk at Main Entrance.

7.6 How big will the workshop be?

A: Up to 60 people at each workshop.

7.7 Will there be electricity and Wi-Fi?

A: Yes, you will get a Wi-Fi pass at the venue.

7.8 Who's my contact?

A: You can contact our Workshop Manager Jochen Faugel (jochen[at]

8. Media

8.1. How can I get a media pass?

A: Please fill in the form on our website here.

8.2. Will there be space for me to work?

A: The press room will be located on the second floor of the venue.

8.3. Who do I talk to if I want an interview with the speakers?

A: Your press contact person is Valerie. Feel free to drop her an e-mail (valerie[at]

8.4. Who's my contact?

A: Your press contact person is Valerie. Feel free to drop her an e-mail (valerie[at]