Are you on the right track?

Well begun is half done, goes the saying. Now it is the perfect time to dig up your dusty calendar and start planning for that bright future ahead of you. This brilliant new beginning - called your future - starts with making a killer schedule for Arctic15. To make planning easier for you this year we have decided to create themed tracks so that you can get the maximum benefit from our conference. So are you still wondering which one of our exciting tracks to join? No worries, here comes more information about our featured tracks.

Fintech Track by Accenture - May 3rd 10.15 - 12.10
FinTech plays an important role in disrupting the way we traditionally pursue financial industry so we will be taking a sneak peek into the current and future of the field. The track will take off with Accenture’s launch, followed by a fintech panel with Sofia Ericsson Holm (Investment Manager Technology at Industrifonden) and Antti Pennanen (CEO & Founder at MONI), hosted by Janette Carlsson. Key notes will be giving Felix Huber from Stripe, Yobie Benjamin from and Ruslan Sarkisyan from Runa Capital. For the fireside chat we are happy to have Reshma Sohoni (Co-founder & Partner at Seedcamp) and Johan Lorenzen (Fintech & Neobanking) to join us.


Health Track by LähiTapiola May 3rd - 13.00-14.40
Many industries have reached their maturity but health tech is not one of them. There being a great consumer interest, the sector is rapidly growing while technology is the driving force. Michael Collier from McLaren Applied Technologies will share McLaren’s vision on driving data-designed innovations in human performance, CEO and Co-Founder of YOU-app Nelli Lähteenmäki will talk about the difficulty of behavior change and Ambassador of Europe & Israel at StartUp Health Aki Koivistoinen will talk about digital health investments. Besides having these European influencers, we will have Marvin Liao from 500 Startups giving a keynote on digital health space from a Silicon Valley viewpoint. The track will finish with a fireside chat with Aki Koivistoinen, Min-Sung Sean Kim (Allianz Ventures’ VC) and Marvin Liao.

Later Stage Venture Track by Tesi - May 3rd 14.45-16.15
Are you almost there but still in the search of later stage venture? Well, in that case this is the track to join. The track starts off with a fireside chat with Miika Mäkitalo (CEO of M-Files), hosted by the charismatic Mikko Suonenlahti (Venture Partner at Draper Esprit). That is followed by another fireside chat with Teddie Wardi (Partner at Atomico) and hosted by Robin Wauters (Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief at Finally, you will get to enjoy an investor panel with Tero Mennander (Venture Partner with Ventech), Fabio Lancellotti (Partner at Aster Capital) & Daniel Blomquist (Operating Partner at Creandum), hosted again by Mikko Suonenlahti.

Data & Artificial Intelligence by Google - May 3rd, 15.15-17.00
Artificial intelligence is the new black of the startup world. Comparable to a facelift, it is believed to give you a fresh smart look. Since big data and deep learning have become the new sexy, data geeks are the new rock stars. But what are the actual prospects of artificial intelligence and big data? General Partner of Balderton Capital Suranga Chandratillake will give a historical approach of the topic of artificial intelligence and CTO of AliExpress (Alibaba) Guo Dongbai will discuss big data strategy for global growth and share the success factors behind AliExpress' e-commerce success. Then Markku Pelkonen from Otava will share his thoughts on the future of learning, not forgetting about Internet pioneer Jeff Pulver’s keynote and Google’s launch and closing.

SME Track by Federation of Finnish Enterprises together with Fennia & Elo - May 4th 11.00-12.30
Small and Medium Enterprises have a significant influence on our economy. Did you know that out of 20 million enterprises in Europe, over 99 percent of are SMEs. Still startups and SMEs do not collaborate nearly as much as they could. Eager to learn more? Great. First off, Mikael Pentikäinen from CEO of the Federation of Finnish Enterprises will give an introduction to the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Finland and Jaakko Männistö will discuss what SMEs can offer to startups and vice versa. Then we have time for startups cases with Kalevala Koru, Moodmetric, Havanamax, Pintos. Joonas MIkkilä from Federation of Finnish Enterprises and our very own Dmitri Sarle from ArcticStartup will talk about how to make the collaboration work. We finish off with reverse pitching with Ilkka Lavas, Lasse Mkelä, Ville Stenroos and Kimmo Laine.

Wearable Track by Suunto - May 4th 11.15-12.30
The use of wearables is growing both in the consumer and business market. Smart watches, smart glasses and the use of wearables in healthcare have become desirable products, everyone is hyping about. Raph Crouan, Founder & CEO of the Startupbootcamp IoT Program, will share new applications and lessons from the world of wearables. Eero Mäkikallio from Amer Sports will showcase the next big thing in sports monitoring - motion measurement. To finish off, there will be a health and wearable panel with Walter Masalin (Principal at Nokia Growth Partners) & Eero Mäkikallio, hosted by Christian Lindholm (Head of Innovation & Co-Founder of Vertical, CEO & Co-Founder of Koru).

Startup Corporate Collaboration Track by Futurice &startups - May 4th 12.30-13.20
Collaborations between explorative startups and more established corporates have its challenges. Having distinguishably different strengths and weaknesses, startups and corporations need each other. How to take the most out of these collaborations? What goes wrong and how to avoid these pitfalls? In his keynote General Manager of Nokia Digital Automatisation Stephan Litjens will share his thoughts about innovating in an ecosystem. This is followed by a panel on startup corporate collaborations, hosted by Antti Rantanen. As panelist we have Stephan Litjens, Carolina Alex from BMW Startup Garage and Tommi Holmgren from Futurice &startups. If you are eager to learn how to make these collaborations work better, this track takes place on May 3rd at 14:30-15:10.


EdTech Track by xEdu - May 4th 12.30-14.20
Top rated futurist speaker Thomas Frey has predicted that by 2030 the largest company on the internet will be an education-based company we haven't even heard about. The potential of education technology is yet to be discovered and is waiting to be unleashed. Our work becoming more and more knowledge intensive, the importance of education is likely to increase making EdTech’s growth potential great. And what would be a better place to discuss EdTech than Finland, famous for its educational system? Keynotes will be giving Edward Cooke from Memrise, Fabian Sepulveda from Courage Ventures and Olli Vallo from Kokoa Agency. There's also going to be some love involved when Mightifier and ELO will their story. Finally, xEdu will talk about their new program.

Scaling Track by Telia Company - May 4th 13.20 - 15.50
Making it to the finish line matters and scaling will help you get there. Roy Gunter from Mobility Ventures will talk about this shift and how to make scaling happen. Jennifer Vessels from Next Step will share her thoughts on driving company growth through revenue and profitability. Have you thought about entering the Chinese market? You are in luck because Nancy Zhou will provide you with an overall understanding what it means to do trade in China. Besides that there will be a few interesting panels to warm you up.

Wow, that is a lot of tracks there, right? But this is not it because at Arctic15 we want to provide you even more valuable experiences. Are you perhaps longing to join Founders Track, Funding Track, Team & Growth Track, Exit Track? Check out full program with the speakers here.  

Alisa Knuutinen