Five Pitching Secrets To Help You Win 50 000 At Arctic15

Over the years, we have seen hundreds, if not thousands of startup pitch. In addition we have helped dozens to take their pitching skills to the next level. Including CybelAngel, who won the Slush pitching competition in 2016.

As a result, we have grown increasingly tired that the startup ecosystem turned pitching into an industry and almost every single pitch is a copy of the next. That is why we made a video that will list some of the common pitfalls of pitching at startup events and tips on how you can improve.

If you apply these to your own startup, your chances of winning the 50 000 EUR investment prize at Arctic15 will increase dramatically. This years competition is going to be tough, but if you get into the TOP 30, we will heavily promote your company through press releases, articles and videos. This will include a full review in our next edition of the CoFounder magazine.

Those who get into the TOP15 will also receive a free ticket to Arctic15 and a chance to win the grand prize. Previous winners have been outperforming most accelerators and have raised over 150 000 000 EUR after the competition. Apply here and see you at Arctic15.

Valerie Vlasenko