Nominees for Microsoft Pitching Competition Revealed

We are delighted to announce the finalists of the Arctic15 - 2017 Microsoft Pitching competition chosen by 3 judges and public voting.

Hundreds of application were submitted from the Nordics and Baltics by talented entrepreneurs and startup founders.

The competition was judged on business ideas, teams, revenues and market potential by a panel of experts from FIBAN, Arcticstartup and Microsoft as well as over 2500 public voters.  


Without further adieu, here is the list of the TOP15 Nordic & Baltic startups in the Microsoft pitching competition at Arctic15:

3DBear, Finland – Instead of creating an educational toy, this startup lets kids create their own toys in VR/AR and other next generation tools.

AlphaBlues, Estonia – Imagine cutting down most of your customer service costs completely? This fully automated customer service chat bot is promising to do just that.

Clerk.AI, Sweden/Estonia, Wouldn’t you love it if someone would just pull all your receipts, itineraries and other data and send it directly to accounting? What if it was an AI bot that did it all for you?

eMedi Innovations Oy / Lääkä, Finland -Booking the right doctor at the right time and for an affordable price can be a nightmare. This company fixes that.

Festivality, Estonia – Got an event? Well, you now also have an immediate and customized event app by Festivality that also acts as an additional source of revenue and actionable analytics.

Keystroke DNA, Estonia No more fingerprint scanners or password. Just type and your computer will recognize you based on your keystrokes alone. Yes, it is possible.

Mightifier, Finland – Mightifier app helps students master their social skills by teaching peer positive feedback.

PenguinUp (Banjara AS), Norway – Think of this one as a lovely mix of Uber/Taxi/Carsharing and basically any other mode of transportation options put into one.

Softagram, Finland – Reading and understanding existing code is a huge problem. Especially for new team members. Softagram makes all code – visual and easy to follow.

TalentAdore, Finland – Replying to hundreds of job applicants is tiresome, but automated replies kill your company value. Solution? TalentAdore, a virtual recruitment assistant that deals with each applicant in a personalized way., Estonia – Everyone hates dealing with receipts and there is still no winner in this market, despite numerous attempts. has a solution that could be it.

Vessla, Finland – Electronic displays that basically don’t take any energy, can be put anywhere and help us towards going paperless.

Videoly, Finland – The simplest way to add product videos to online stores. Five minutes and you got them.

Visionary, Latvia – Hardware device that helps reduce eye strain. Given we are all behind computer screens pretty much 100% of the time, this device could not be more timely.

Zero Keyboard, Finland – Nobody likes to input CRM data or to update it. Well, with Zerokeyboard you don’t have to as they promise a completely keyboardless solution.

All 15 finalists will be present and available for networking at Arctic15. Meet the teams and follow the finals on May 4, 2017. In the meantime, TOP30 startups of the Microsoft Pitching Competition will be featured in CoFounder magazine. Grab your copy at the event.

Valerie Vlasenko