Our workshops will not leave you cold

Arctic15 is approaching fast, meaning that already next week you will be taken on a life-changing journey of networking and knowledge acquisition. You might remember the feeling of excitement when you saw the first batch of workshops but things were only getting started back then.. Now we are proud to introduce you the second batch, which will not leave your cold - even if the Finnish spring might.

Let your body get the dream deal - May 4, 14-15.00
The story goes as follows: You have practiced your pitch for hours and now remember your lines perfectly. To break the ice, you have even prepared that one awkwardly funny joke about your grandma’s tech skills. But once you are there - on the stage or at the town’s hippest networking event - something is just off. The investor you are talking to likes your idea but thinks that something is off, even though he is not able to pinpoint what is it. Although paying attention to the words coming out of our mouth, too often we overlook the importance of body language. Studies show that non-verbal language counts for up to 93 percent, meaning that it is the most vital aspect of our communication. So why not to learn some more by attending the workshop of ArcticStartup’s team member Jochen Faugel? Reserve your spot here!

Get your message flow in control - May 3, 10-11.00
There is email, voice mail, SMS and chat.. The amount of messages your business receives is never-ending, which is brilliant for your revenue but detrimental for your mental health. Do you sometimes feel an urge to scream and through all your technology away - just to get a moment of peace? Andrej Cukon and Leon Badurina from Infobip are people to go to. This power duo will assist you in building communication strategies across different engagement channels with the help of a single communications platform. Dying to sign up already? Good, do it here.

Heads up Finnish business angels - 3 May, 11-12.00
Have you always been longing to learn more about co-investment? You are at in luck! Juho Aminoff and Carsten Just from European Investment Fund will give you an introduction to the EIF’s new business angel co-investment program that is launching in Finland. Something still unclear? No worries because there will be also time for your questions. If co-investment is your cup of tea, reserve your seat to the workshop taking place on May 4th at 12:00-13:00.

Scale so well your tech startup will get tired of winning - 3 May, 11-12.00
Although you might not want to share some things in common with Mr. Trump, we are confident that you want to be do as much winning as he is hoping to. Startups have high chances of failing (just like inexperienced politicians). But as a startup you have two options - either you scale it the right way or die. If the former is the option you prefer, the workshop organised by software company Espeo is the place to be. Jokes aside, the workshop goes through all the usual stages that come on your way when it comes to scaling up. Espeo will discuss the typical drawbacks and demonstrate the solutions focused on software development and based on real-life scenarios of tech startups. If you want to be part of the winning team, sign up for the workshop here.

But great news do not end here, we will post a few more workshops within the coming days so keep checking the most updated list of workshops here. And if you for some reason are playing it risky and still haven’t bought your tickets to Arctic15, do it now before it’s too late.

Alisa Knuutinen