Get Ready for a Feast! Arctic15 Food Street At Your Service

Every year at Arctic15 we aim to offer you a great culinary experience on top of the business part. And this year will be no different. The menu is designed to keep your energy levels high, so you can concentrate on getting the most out of the conference. As usual, there is no need to pull out your wallet when grabbing your meal. Food and drinks are included in your ticket. This is how we eliminate any queues - everything is fast and easy for you.


This year we’re honouring Finland’s 100th birthday of independence with a very traditional Finnish dish - limited edition of salmon soup will be available for you every day. We also provide delicious handmade cookies to enjoy with your coffee or tea. Ohh and also a limited edition of trendy mini cones for dessert. Yummy!

Ugly Cookie Café

Yes. Coffee. You want it, you need it, you can smell it already. In order to boost your caffeine levels this year we are bringing you top notch coffee by Kaffa Roastery.

Finns are the World Champions in Coffee. They drink the most amount of coffee in the world per capita, but unfortunately they are also champions in drinking bad coffee. 10 years ago Kaffa Roastery decided to change that. Kaffa wants to give a smile to both consumers and farmers with every cup they brew. By the end of 2017 Kaffa aims to bring ALL their coffee beans from the farmers. No middle men, no extended storage times. It’s fresh and it’s damn good. All their coffee is roasted by hand in their Helsinki factory, and anyone who is a friend of coffee can go and visit their facilities and see through a glass wall the roasting process.

At the Arctic15 Kaffa’s Rwandan coffee from the Kirezi cooperative will blow you away with its red berrylike aromas and long sweet aftertaste. For espresso lovers highly skilled Kaffa baristas will make a perfect espresso with or without milk, and for tea lovers we have a nice selection of teas.


Did you notice the name in the title? Wonder what is Ugly Cookie? It’s a brand new cookie phenomenon from Helsinki and you will be one of the very first members of public who gets to taste these hand-made babies. Deeply Dark, Trumpest Orange and Bad Boy Caramel are some of the flavours available . You will be able to order your favourite cookies as a subscription service straight to your office (or your home too of course). And there might be a special combo subscription offer at the event with Ugly Cookies and Kaffa coffee to bring your office to the next level of happiness.


Keeping yourself hydrated is one of the keys to success of managing long conference days. This year we have partnered with Thoreau water to be able to reduce the amount of plastic bottles used. Filtered to be super-fresh, still and sparking available from several points.

Now that your thirst has been taken care of, are you getting hungry already? Guaranteed that you will after reading the below.


Start your day right, get your energy levels up for some hardcore networking. Light breakfast will be served on all three days from 8:30 until 10:30.

Fresh smoothies - two different flavours every morning, made from delicious Nordic berries and fresh fruits.



Arctic15 Food Street lunch will be served on all three days from 11:00 until 15:00. So no rush! You have plenty of time to grab your meal and share it with someone you like, or continue networking at the Deal Room. Whenever you feel like eating, head towards the Food Street.

After his food received a lot of appraisal last year, we decided to give this year’s menu completely into the culinary hands of chef Markus Nikko, a former Finnish National Cooking team member and a very passionate food enthusiast. If your event needs top quality food servings, Markus’ Nikko Food catering is a way to go. Really. Remember to mention Arctic15 when contacting.


Ready for it? See you at Arctic15 Food Street! Don’t Stay Hungry!

Jan Ameri