Glimpses into the future of reality

What if you could stroll in the buzzling streets of Tokyo, bike in the countryside of France or explore the underwater life of the Maldives - from the comfort of your own couch? You feel the sensation in your stomach and the childlike amazement when pointing out the colorful fish approaching you. New worlds are opening in front your eyes in the matter of seconds, without the price of flying to the other side of the world. Although you are reminding your brain that physically you are not there, it sure feels real. The calm movement of the ocean relaxes your whole body right before you see a gigantic shark approaching you, causing an immediate adrenaline rush. Does this sound like a science fiction novel? What would you say if I were to tell you that time travel is the new reality?

Considering the buzz around virtual, augmented and mixed reality, this idea of time traveling is about to come true. And the field’s future does not limit only to time travel, neither it is just a utopia anymore. Just think in the mobile industry where Pokemon Go and Snapchat have brought augmented reality available to the larger public. Since these applications have gained enormous userbase, it is no wonder that investors are smelling the enormous business potential in the field. According to Digi-Capital, virtual/augmented reality revenue will hit $120 billion by 2020. Drawing from their predictions, the field will grow in a rapid fashion. Regardless whether your industry is entertainment, software, architecture, tourism, retail, healthcare or education, VR and AR are likely to shake it up. But how to stay up to date with this quickly changing industry? And does it make sense to your company to jump on the bandwagon? To help you in exploring and acquiring knowledge, Arctic15 has brought you a whole day centred around the future of virtual, augmented and mixed reality. But what can you expect from X Reality Day and why is it worth your time to be there?

Since networking is a part of the golden ratio at Arctic15, X Reality Day is just perfect for that since we bring together the whole industry under one roof. Besides the opportunity to network, the program includes  an impressive line up of international speakers, keynotes, panels and showcases, which will give you insights about the most recent happenings in the field. So who will be there? You will have a chance to meet names such as Marco DeMiroz from The VR Fund, Paul Bragiel from Presence Capital, Chien Nakayama from gumi Inc., Sam Wick from Uta Ventures and Petteri Koponen from Lifeline Ventures amongst many other influencers and investors.

If gaming is your cup of tea, you sure share something in common with Marco DeMiroz. In the past this Stanford graduate was successfully in the head of PlayFirst, which later sold to Glu Mobile. And it is definitely not only gaming you should have a chat about with DeMiroz, since he also happens to be a co-founder of The Venture Reality Fund. His VC firm specializes in early-stage investments of VR, AR and mixed reality startups. Currently he is also in the boards of Vizor and Virtualistics, which are VR Fund's portfolio companies. Having influenced in the boards of many startups and as a former mentor of Singularity University, DeMiroz has proven his credibility as a professional. DeMiroz will share some of his expertise at our investor panel taking place on May 5th at 10am.

Thus if you want to find top quality industry connections and world class solutions in Virtual Reality, make sure to attend Arctic15’s X Reality Day on May 5th. Get your tickets here to catch the first waves of the future!

Alisa Knuutinen