What can you learn at Arctic15?

Eager to develop yourself professionally and connect with other startup enthusiasts? Arctic15’s workshops are just the perfect place to do that. This year we are proud to bring you seasoned professionals with expertise in various different fields of your interest. Software design, PR, networking, co-investment and expanding your business to America are amongst the topics that the workshops will cover. Regardless of whether you are hoping to tap into a completely new territory or deepen your previous knowledge, you will not be left cold. Ready to get inspired?

Here are some selected lessons you can learn from our workshops:

How to build a scalable & sustainable business from scratch
Is building a scalable and sustainable business your goal? So is everyone else’s. However, the ugly truth is that a great amount of startups fail. Seeking for some relief to your headache about the matter? The CEO of Next Step and an active member of Silicon Valley community, Jennifer Vessels, will share three critical success factors with you. In her workshop Jennifer will specifically concentrate in the following areas: market orientation, human resources and product delivery & commercialization. If you are ready to grow your business, Jennifer with 25+ years of experience and international background will share her expertise on Wednesday 3rd 2-3pm. Register here

How to expand your business to The United States
North America creates a viable market area to expand to but before making a decision on taking your startup to the US, various different factors should be considered. In this workshop Max Kirk Ludvig from Angelus Funding is going to cover aspects related to legal, immigration, taxation, insurance, banking, workplace, government support, hiring, funding, and sales issues in North America. After receiving a comprehensive overview of “Coming to America”, you are better equipped to make the exciting decisions about conquering new market areas. Make sure to sign up for this workshop taking place on Thursday 4th 11am-12pm.

How to excel at public relations
When it comes to effectively sharing your story with journalists (and eventually the world), the power of storytelling is vital. Unlike investors, journalists are not interested in your pitch but are longing to be seduced by your fascinating narrative. But how do you improve your storytelling skills and get the right people to root for your startup? John Cozzi and Oona Colliander from a PR agency San Francisco will share some tips and tricks on how to wow conference journalists with your unique story on Wednesday 3rd 10-11am. Register here

How to create an app that parents fall in love with?
A day dream of an every parent is to cut their kids’ screen time. But what if this screen time would not be cut but harnessed into learning and development instead? Imagine creating an app that both kids and their parents would love equally much - sounds like a success! This is precisely the topic Kokoa will cover in their workshop. Olli Alvo will answer the question  “How to ensure the app's educational value and communicate that to the buyers?” by providing concrete approaches for apps and games’ educational design and refining the marketing message. If EdTech is your cup of tea, you can share the enthusiasm with Olli and other attendees on Thursday 4th 10-11am. Sign up here!

Excited to take your startup to another level and get inspired? Perfect! Sign up to one of our already confirmed workshops here. We are constantly working on our workshop selection so new workshops are being updated weekly. Stay tuned for more fascinating opportunities.

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