Jeff Pulver looks to the Nordics for investments

Internet has revolutionised the way we communicate with each other. Talking to each other no longer happens only face to face but through the assistance of technological devices. Consequently, communicating on social media has become our second nature. Unlike in the past, now we have a unique potential to reach the most distant parts of the world by spreading our message to masses at the speed of light. An Internet pioneer Jeff Pulver has been fortunate to witness this change from a front seat. Through his remarkable work in the VoIP industry, Jeff has been able to shape the future of communications. Exploring the question “how we communicate” has inspired Jeff to create a career in this rapidly changing field. Through his work in Washington, he has contributed to the fact that services including FaceTime, Messenger and Skype are free to use. In 1995 Jeff defined VON to stand for Video/Voice on the Net. Ever since he has influenced the way we communicate by finding multiple companies, hosting and organising VON Conferences and investing in over 350 startups.

You read it right - he has invested in over 350 startups! But how is that even possible, you might wonder. As an organizer of the VON Conference and Events, Jeff was part of the flow of innovation since the late 1990s when he also started investing. The events that he ran from 1996 to 2008 often acted as “deal centrals” where startups and investors connected. Being in the key role in the event organizing, Jeff saw a lot of companies to grow and evolve. “Over 120 of our exhibitors were acquired and more than 25 of the companies part of our ecosystem went public” he describes.

Throughout the years Jeff’s passion for communications has only intensified and he is always on the lookout for interesting startups. During the days of VON Conferences he was a frequent visitor of Finland, Sweden, Norway and Iceland and in the board of Icelandic based messaging company. Therefore Jeff has already long been looking to the Nordics for innovation in the field of communications. This will be no different in May when Jeff will join Arctic15 as a speaker. At the moment he is looking for companies involved in Chatbots, IP Messaging, IP Communications, Natural Language and Conversational Web. Jeff is hoping to get involved with a few startups that would benefit from having him on board.

Beyond his professional aspirations, Jeff is a keen astrophotographer. He has learned to look up to the sky - just like with his career - to feel the awe of the sky. If you are keen on connecting with Jeff, make sure to join Arctic15’s Data & Artificial Intelligence Track on May 3rd 3-5pm. You can also follow his colorful adventures on Instagram.