Learn From The Top Investors At Arctic15

Every year we gather investors, corporates and startups under one roof to make sure they network, learn from each other and enter meaningful deals. Some of the investors reported they had over 20 meetings per day. How was it possible, you may ask. We realised how important it is to make connections, therefore we provide you with a service that helps you to do that - find the right people, schedule meetings,  and stay connected after the meeting is done. This year we are bringing over 300 investors from and outside of the Nordic region, and they are eager to meet and share their knowledge with you. Here are some names you may consider when plan your meetings at Arctic15:

  • Billy Draper, Investor at Draper Associates
  • Teddy Wardi, Partner at Atomico
  • Seth Pierrepont, Investor at Accel Partners
  • Marwin Liao, Partner at 500 Startups. Marwin is a good friend of ours, and a frequent visitor at Arctic15. Check out his interview from the last year event:

We also have a prolific list of serial entrepreneurs turned angel investors on a mission to raise the next generation of entrepreneurs. Here are some of them

  • Wayne Chang, Serial entrepreneur and angel investor
  • Paul Bragiel, Serial entrepreneur and founder of Bragiel Brothers
  • Gil Penchina, Founder of Flight.vc
  • Ben Sun, Founding Partner at Angel Joy Investment; Partner at Angel Challenge

And the list is not yet complete. You can find more bright names on our Investor page, and schedule a meeting at the Deal room.

Valerie Vlasenko