Find The One At Arctic15: Valentine's Day Edition

Normally, Valentine's Day is all about romance and love. This year, we want to expand the concept a little and help you make the most out of your work contacts too. 

If Tinder was able to provide you with a 40% success rate - it would be magical, wouldn't it? Well, at Arctic15 - all business meetings have a 40% chance to land you a real business deal or an investment. 

If you had a choice of pre-screened and pre-qualifed "leads" in your dating life - wouldn't it be great?

At Arctic15, we got that covered too. Our attendees are all coming to the event with a goal to network and make the most out of their time. 

So why not get yourself a ticket and join the startup business conference with over 2000 attendees from all over the world? Even better - we can start a trend and surprise our business colleagues with a gift on Valentine's day.

Give them a ticket, a gift or you could simply tell them how much you appreciate working together. See you in May, where we will all find the one.