How to network at conferences?

Just like you do not run a marathon without practicing, you should not attend a network event without preparation. Arctic15 being around the corner, here are our tips for preparing for networking:

Alisa Knuutinen
Our workshops will not leave you cold

Remember the feeling of excitement when you saw the first batch of workshops? Things were only getting started back then.. Now we are proud to introduce you the second batch, which will not leave your cold - even if the Finnish spring might.

Alisa Knuutinen
Atomico's VC Teddie Wardi is right for you!

Teddie is a Partner at Atomico, based in London, working on sourcing, evaluation, negotiation and due diligence of new investment opportunities. We interviewed Teddie Wardi about his investment interests and thoughts on the future of Nordics.

Alisa Knuutinen
What can you learn at Arctic15?

Eager to develop yourself professionally and connect with other startup enthusiasts? Arctic15’s  are just the perfect place to do that. This year we are proud to bring you seasoned professionals with expertise in various different fields of your interest.

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